Our History

Blueberry Haven started in 2002 when Moni Jarvais planted 15,000 high bush blueberry bushes on 15 acres in Bear Creek, Wisconsin. Today we offer five varieties ripening at different points in the season to expand our season to 8 weeks! We offer Dukes, Patriots, Blue Crop, Blu-ray, and Nelsons. While not certified organic, pesticides are only used if necessary after harvest.

A humble beginning, in 2005 Blueberry Haven officially began selling berries in pints of of their garage, until 2007 when they built their sales center. They have been operating as a self-pick blueberry farm since 2008. Customers are welcome to come out Mid-July through August to pick their own, or purchase pre-picked berries – end of July being the peak of our season! Customers are encouraged to call ahead for pre-picked and to check availability.

The story continues…

In 2018, Moni’s daughter, Richelle, along with her husband Jon and their boys, moved to the farm and began working alongside Moni and Duane to learn how to run the farm and the business. Jon and Richelle officially purchased Blueberry Haven in 2022 and had a very successful first season! Jon and Richelle continue to build a thriving blueberry farm with a wide variety of blueberry products and encourage you to bring your family and children to enjoy their fresh produce and the lively animals on their hobby farm! With the proper care in the right environment blueberries can live up to 50 years! Jon and Richelle look forward to many more fruitful seasons at Blueberry Haven as they plan for additional growth to keep the tradition alive.