Blueberry Haven
W9967 County Road XX

Bear Creek, WI 54922
(715) 823-4091

About Us
Family owned operation Established in 2002.
Planted over 15,000 highbush blueberry plants.
Full grown they average 5' tall. We have 5 varities that allow our picking season to run up to 8 weeks. A healthy plant can produce up to 10-15 pounds of blueberries in 3 pickings (ripening stages).

We use overhead irrigation for frost protection. 1 1/4" of water per week is needed. Mulch is used to hold moisture and weed control.

Our picking hours are from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The cooler time of the day is better for the berries and the customer. It is too hot by 1:00 PM.
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